Jerome Tanon Photo Essay

The resort of Saint-Honoré in the French Alps closed five years ago due to a lack of snow and investor support. Jérôme Tanon, Victor Daviet, and Benoit Thomas-Javid travel to its discarded shell and breathe new life into an abandoned future.

A friend told us we might be able to find some jibs out here. Alone in the buildings, the only thing we can hear is the sound of our boots on the crusty concrete. It rains a little bit as Victor Delerue and Ben Thomas-Javid jump out the unfinished windows and doors. We move to a big wallride out of a second story window, small pieces of re-bar still protrude from the wall. A dozen tries later Victor and Ben finally handle it, but both are beat. We take a look at these weird surroundings. How did Saint-Honoré wind up like this?

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