Kimmy Fasani backside 360 in Whistler.


Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy Fasani’s Life Sentence of Living

It’s the weekend of Kimmy Fasani’s final radiation appointment, the last in a long 10 months of treatments that have included chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, followed by a series of daily radiation to save her life. I’m riding along with her from Oceanside, CA, to a meeting with her surgeon, Dr. Cheryl Olson, in San Diego where Kimmy is interviewing her for a documentary. She and her husband, pro skier Chris Benchetler, have been working on this movie project for the last five years. As Kimmy tells it, “Naively, we thought we were starting a movie about our pursuit as professional athletes going into parenthood.” Instead, the movie, titled Riding Our Future, has documented five of the most challenging years of their lives as new parents attempting to pursue their professions while raising two kids and encountering what Kimmy describes as a series of relentless tidal waves. As she says, “Every time we feel like we’re catching our breath, we’re held down again. And at some points, it has just become suffocating.” This take is so uncharacteristic of Kimmy whose success can in part be traced to her positivity, her unwillingness to dwell in the tough moments and her ability to expertly navigate them, learn from them and intentionally move past them to reconnect with her goals. So you know it’s been an extremely rough ride…

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