Lick The Cat

Catalysts in the Digital Age: Lick The Cat’s Loose Program

“We’re going to be running a pretty loose program,” Jeremy Thornburg says. It’s mid-May with suitably sunny spring weather at Mt. Bachelor, OR. “Jerm,” as he’s known, and the Lick The Cat crew are collecting a few final clips for their full-length movie, Video of the Year. Jerm’s laid-back outlook on the week ahead comes as no surprise. He’s the man-behind-the-cam for Lick The Cat, and it’s been a loose program since day one.

It all started in 2012 with a cheap camcorder and some hip-hop. “I bought a Panasonic video camera and started making funny little videos with some of the guys at Park City [UT],” the now-23-year-old Jerm says. “The first one we ever filmed was named after this Yelawolf song, ‘Lick the Cat.’ None of us really listened to it, we just thought it sounded funny.” 

Several Lick The Cat video installments and hundreds of thousands of online views later, it became their moniker. Now known throughout the snowboard world for their madcap antics, they’re stuck with it…

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