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Stop, Look and Think: Marc O’Malley Tells a Good Story

There aren’t many 24-year-olds who can say they’ve shot a national magazine cover, or that they’ve got a darkroom setup in their basement. But in many ways, Marc O’Malley is beyond his years. With a varied spectrum of influences from late humanist photographers to pro skateboarders, Marc has cultivated a style that exhibits his keen eye for fashion, art, action sports and stories worth telling. It’s raw, relatable, captivating—and all his own. 

Born and raised in Rutland, MA, Marc started shooting street snowboarding at 17 years old. “I actually started filming first,” he says. “I wasn’t even thinking about taking photos, but all my friends were also filming. I got a VX and ended up trading it to my friend for a T2I, this basic, starter Canon camera. Then I just stuck with it.”

Marc linked up with the up-and-coming Cole Navin, Parker Szumowski and Root 9 crew from nearby Worcester as they were filming for their self-titled movie in 2014. He again shot with Cole, Parker and more alongside videographer Jon Stark for Rendered Useless in 2015. That led to Marc’s first published work, which helped him secure a gig at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. “I moved out west after that,” he says. “I began working at camp, doing their social media and shooting photos in the summer. Then I worked in the office there for a year and realized that I really wasn’t about working in the office.”… 

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