Mary Rand

Full Go: On A Roll with Mary Rand

It’s February, and we’re at a cabin in the woods in Skykomish, WA, on an uncharacteristically cold Pacific Northwest day. Mary Rand lives here with her boyfriend Derrek Lever, their dog Otis and buddy Travis. We’re about 15 minutes from Stevens Pass.

“Skytucky” is more of a railroad outpost than a town, and the chickens up the road have their own doublewide trailers in which to roost. Mary has been coordinating the day’s logistics for a couple weeks now, and we load up in Derrek’s truck and head out early, ahead of the traffic. Storms here are measured in feet, and a decent one just passed. 

We’re here to ride some of Mary’s favorite spots on a down day from filming a forthcoming Vans movie featuring her alongside Leanne Pelosi and Hana Beaman. It’s dark, cloudy, wet and white on evergreen—the perfect setting for a classic Northwest day. Mary, 26, knows all the parking lots at Stevens Pass by name, and we head into Lot G to suit up. She dresses in black-on-black with black gloves, a black pack, a pop of orange in her goggles, long chestnut hair and slate blue eyes poking out… 

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