Mike Ravelson

Classic Dreamer: Mike Ravelson Slows His Roll

It’s a sunny June morning in Bend, OR and the Ponderosa Skatepark is still pretty much empty when Mike Ravelson arrives. He lays a thin blanket down in the grass next to the mini ramp where he’ll spend a solid 20 minutes chilling, doing a little grapevine sidestep and stretching before setting foot on his board. The 31-year-old deliberately moves at a slow, thoughtful pace and is as laid back as they come. It’s a stark contrast to the self-described “hyper” manner of his younger days. 

From humble beginnings on the East Coast to becoming a globally recognized rider, Mike has carved out a presence in the snowboarding world. He’s an antihero of sorts; a smooth, street-savvy snowboarder known for his eccentric approach to spots where other riders might not see potential. Mike’s ingenuity, beautiful board control and drive have led to numerous video parts and sponsorships with Vans, Volcom and more, and even his own signature snowboard with Capita. This was always Mike’s dream. These accolades, this sense of acceptance and praise were the pieces of the prize puzzle he’d conjured up in his youth. He’d done it. With all the boxes checked, surely Mike had obtained the treasure he needed to feel content. Or so he thought… 

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