Paul Laca

Paul Laca didn’t go to a fancy art school-instead, he chose the school of life. Traveling from his home in Nevada to the far reaches of Alaska, he lives on his own terms, bringing back extraordinary moments on film.

“Out of the blue I’d receive an occasional phone call from a longtime friend somewhere along remote and desolate realms of an Alaskan highway or random Chugach peak. Prior to the typical signal drop, he would quickly confirm his once-in-a-lifetime endangered-species sighting in the last few days or the recent occurrence of a geographical record-breaking snow event. Paul Laca, with his archaic (at least by his today’s standards) Pentax 35mm Spotmatic with only one lens, was deep into something unusual, his Ford F250 loaded up with his dog and his sled, charging through the tundra and frost-heaved roads on straight veggie oil with temperatures below zero, en-route to the next good snow zone.”

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