Sacred Snowscapes

Shape and form give snowboarding life. Without shape, there’s nothing to master, nowhere to direct our energy. Without curvature, without angulation, we’d be on a linear slide into boredom. Your snowboard’s sidecut begs to make arcing lines. Your brain loves shape, loves organizing lines from Point A and Point B. Variations in shape make down-slope terrain a pleasant puzzle for a snowboarder to solve.

At the 2017 Holy Bowly in Sunshine Village, AB, the carefully crafted assortment of shapes seemed to expand infinitely. Solving any part of the terrain puzzle led to an entirely new vision for your next run.

The action was a given—with a global contingent of high-output riders on hand, it was going to happen, and it was going to be creative. But what was more attractive to me was the nonlinear architecture of what Krush Kulesza, Snowboy Productions and Arena Snowparks created. It was a masterpiece of transition located in some of the best scenery Banff had to offer—sacred geometry for snow-sliders…

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