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Colloquial Roots: Sarah King Transcends Mediums

At the end of the road in the lush rainforest of a small town on the west coast of Canada, Sarah King is working away in her home studio. The space consists of the living area of a small garden suite that she and her partner, Mark, share—they’ve been known to glass a surfboard or two on the kitchen island—as well as a soft-sided shed out back for woodworking through the wet months. Sarah’s chosen medium varies from day to day, or even hour to hour, but her consistent creative energy remains the same. Pen on paper, paint, wood, fiberglass—she endlessly explores creative expression and new formats. Her designs are always analog at the start, a rarity among designers and artists who more and more frequently create on a tablet or digital surface from the outset. From creating watercolor textures to be scanned, to weaving long-form excerpts into intricate typographic compositions by hand, to collaborating with Jamie Anderson on the artwork that graces close to a dozen of her pro-model boards, Sarah’s vision transcends mediums.

Born and raised in London, Sarah was consumed by art and sports as a child, particularly soccer. The daughter of an architect and a writer, she had no shortage of creative influence and inspiration at home. These days she is still consumed by art, but the soccer pitch has been replaced by the mountains and the sea. After high school Sarah attended design school at Brighton University on England’s south coast, a broad program that allowed for the exploration and refinement of her personal style—which is hard to define in few words, in part because her designs often incorporate at least a few words themselves…

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