Schoph Gallerie


It’s June 2022, and Schoph Schofield is just back from Dragon Lodge, a shred hostel run for years by one of his closest friends, John “Bertie” Bassett, in Tignes, France. Only Schoph calls John “Bertie”—bestowing endearing nicknames on his close friends is part of Schoph’s charm. Situated in the French Alps, Schoph was there to paint a special Volcom apartment at the lodge, catch up with his many friends in town, and head up the glacier for some summer laps. 

“We worked hard for three long days and smashed it out,” he says. “It’s going to be launched this winter, but I wanted to do the brunt of it while it was nice and sunny. And hopefully Volcom and the lodge will now have a long-term partnership, which is nice because COVID hit [the lodge] hard.” 

It’s a classic Schoph collab—he gets to work with a trusted brand, use his position to generously help some old mates, and go snowboarding while he’s at it. It’s the type of creative, grassroots brand collaboration that has made the much-feted British artist one of the most sought-after creatives in snowboarding…

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