The Mindnich Paradox

Yin and Yang, a concept that originated with Chinese intellectuals more than 3,500 years ago, is a relational theory that speaks to the leveling nature of opposing forces. Operating under the power of cosmic duality, yin-yang elements come in pairs—fire and water, sun and moon, so on and so forth. Despite antagonistic differences these energies not only coincide, but they also harmonize. In some cases, they may even rely on each other for balance.

Hans and Nils Mindnich are brothers. They’re 26 and 24 years old, respectively, but are sometimes mistaken for twins. The two grew their snowboarding in unison, from the early days of podiuming contests together across Vermont to earning sponsorships from the same companies for years, all the way to simultaneously going pro for Salomon Snowboards in 2018. However, when you get to know the Mindnichs, you learn that in many ways they’re polar opposites, and their differences can create conflict. Growing pains that came when their paths diverged—both personally and professionally—led to contention at times. But more recently, the brothers have come to appreciate that they’ve both got plenty to learn from each other…

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