Tim Eddy

The Eternal Optimist: Tim Eddy’s Pursuit of Righteousness

It’s 36 degrees and raining heavily on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Highway 267 to Northstar has been closed all night. The lifts at Squaw Valley are on wind hold. The road to Mt. Rose is under several feet of snow. Almost two feet has fallen in the high country over the past 24 hours, close to 80 inches in the past week, along with 100 mph winds. It’s an early February morning, and Tahoe hasn’t seen a winter like this in a decade.

Tim Eddy sits at the kitchen table in a ’90s-appointed three-story condo in King’s Beach, CA tapping out a beat with his fingers and sipping coffee with his wife Hannah. They’re kind of a package. They both rip on a snowboard, both laugh a lot, both eat healthy and try to lead sustainable lives. Hannah does art. They like to build things. Along with the Eddys are K2 teammates Johnny Brady Jr., Kael Martin and Kyle Miller. It’s a relaxed-but-motivated group that has fit well into the Eddy program for the last five days.

The trip began with a soggy rhythm section in the front yard at the “Chillderness”—Tim and Hannah’s small off-grid home in the hills above Truckee, which they recently sold—then progressed to storm sessions in the Mt. Rose backcountry, mini-golf off I-80 near Boreal, and West Shore laps. The weather’s been tricky, but we’ve been out the door early every morning. Making the most of what the mountains have on offer is standard for Tim. He’s just happy to be riding whatever, whenever. Over the past decade I’ve seen him send Chilean handrails, Japanese pillows, hand-dug transitions and sunbaked cat-tracks with genuine stoke. He’s never trying to one-up anyone. He’s just a talented snowboarder doing whatever seems fun in any given moment…

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