Here, Sage Kotsenburg points it down the runnels in Birthday Bowl [near Haines, AK].


Tyler Ravelle Gallerie

What Matters Most for Tyler Ravelle

Tyler Ravelle has a formula, but that’s not to say his imagery is formulaic.

“For every paying shoot, I do two personal projects,” the photographer says. It’s late September and he’s practically dripping wet, just off the plane from Teahupo’o, Tahiti, where he learned to swim with a wide-angle lens at what is widely considered the world’s heaviest wave. It was a self-funded trip halfway around the world.

“I don’t ever want to be geographically based, like ‘Tyler is a Whistler photographer,’ even though that’s where I live,” Tyler says. “I love the fact that I can travel with my camera and that I can create relationships all over the world. I had a last-minute flight to Teahupo’o with no real plan. I just knew there was a big swell coming. I got there and met a Red Bull surfer from the Canary Islands, then I met this dude from California, and everyone was just ripping. As a creative, there’s this gift where you can make friends anywhere you go because everyone wants photos of themselves. Tahiti was purely for the sake of pushing my limits. When you shoot for passion, when you shoot for the fun of it, you always end up getting more of the work you want anyways. People see you investing in yourself and what you want to shoot, and that feeds into getting more of the work that you want to get.”…

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