Ultra Natural

Travis Rice’s Ultra Natural contest at Baldface Lodge, BC, may have aired on NBC, but it remains true to the simple freedom found throughout snowboard culture. Chris Brunkhart presents a behind-the-scenes photo essay that connects to the present to the past, the past to the future, and the mainstream spotlight to the very soul of snowboarding.

Life flows in cycles. We bring objects and concepts forward and back: fashions, trends, and histories. Snowboarding has been a part of my life for over 20 years, and when Baldface Lodge General Manager Jeff Pensiero invited me to shoot Travis Rice’s Ultra Natural this February, it seemed as though I had stepped back in time. It reunited me with old friends, and with a spirited sense of freedom. The mountains make nothing seem impossible, and being there captivates my imagination and my soul. Coming to Baldface reminded me of a set of values that we as snowboarders share…

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