Cobra Dogs

One Spicy Cheddaconda, Please

Despite what its logo implies, there are no venomous snakes being served up at this food joint. But don’t get it twisted, some Cobra Dogs hotdogs are made with enough spice to bite back. They’re popular, too, evident through over a decade of sausage-slinging business in Government Camp, OR. Eating one of these dogs has become a staple of many snowboarders’ summer trips to Mt. Hood, whether it’s for a session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp or just passing through for some hits in Timberline Lodge’s public park with the locals.

I probably wouldn’t suggest that frankfurters follow up every trip to the Timberline, but for the price it’s hard to beat hotdogs after hot laps on a hot day. There’s just something about the combined smell of sunscreen, sweat and sausages that does wonders for the soul. An overdose of dogs may not be so great for your digestive tract, but getting down once in a while won’t hurt. On my most recent visit to Cobra Dogs I got the Cheddaconda with everything on it—jalapeños, bacon bits, cream cheese, onions, sauerkraut, celery salt, cheese, banana peppers, mustard and (of course) cobra sauce. Cobra Sauce is a spicy concoction of sauce so secret that I didn’t dare ask the owner, former snowboard photographer Cory Grove, what was in it.


ABOVE A fully loaded Cheddaconda in all it’s meaty glory.

I sloppily munched at the umbrella-shaded picnic tables in front of the bright red trailer brandishing Cobra Dogs’ easily recognizable logo, a logo that’s been seen in various collaboration products with Airblaster, Union and Crab Grab. On the sidewalk near the picnic tables there’s often a small yellow curb for skating, waxed and ready for slappy grinds. It’s a nice touch that further adds to the notion that this is an establishment by riders, for riders. Just watch out for flying boards.

Cobra Dogs is open every day throughout the summer from 12 to 9 p.m. On special occasion, they’ll be open in the winter and spring, too. You can stay updated via their Instagram, @cobradogs.


89018 E Little Trail

Government Camp, OR 97028



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