GIRO Method Goggles

The instant I saw that John Cardiel collaborated on a signature Giro Method Goggle colorway, I wanted a pair. I didn’t care how they performed—honestly, I was sold on the look alone. Black frame, black strap featuring a fierce white snake designed by the legendary skateboarder and snowboarder himself, and on the inside of that strap some words to live by: “Forward ever, backwards never.” On top of looking supremely badass, it merely comes as a bonus that the Giro Method Goggles are some of the best I’ve ever owned.

As a snowboarder living in the Pacific Northwest, a.k.a. “The Pacific North Wet,” I rarely head to the mountain without at least two pairs of goggles in my bag. But ever since I picked up a pair of the Giro Method Goggles, I’ve found that my backups often go unused. Paired with the Giro Emerge MIPS helmet, even when I tomahawk (which happens quite regularly) my goggles always stay securely strapped to my face and keep snow from working its way inside. The goggles’ efficient, honeycomb looking EVAK Vent Technology works wonders on days spent spinning the lifts in wet storms, as well as on those hiking for fresh turns. Consistently high performance no matter the weather has recently made the Giro Method goggles my go-to, fog-free first choice. I rocked these on a recent trip to the east coast and they functioned without fail in the cold weather Vermont threw at me, too.

The Giro Method Goggles come with two sets of VIVID ZEISS lenses—one for low-light conditions, the other for bluebird days—and a wide frame that provide an excellent field of view. In regard to the ease of swapping the lenses, I’d say it’s just above average. There are goggles out there that make this task easier than the Giro Method Goggles do, but there are also far more goggles in the world that make this task a lot harder. I’ve swapped the lenses of my Giro Method Goggles back and forth four times now. It was a painless, one-minute-or-so process 75% of the time, and a real P-in-the-B once. Granted, I’ve never been any good at swapping the lenses of most goggles and I’ll probably get better at it with this pair in time, so take this aspect of the review with a fat grain of melty rock salt.

ABOVE Reasons with ohn Cardiel and Bryan Fox – Forward Ever, Backwards Never.

Bottom line, the Giro Method Goggles breathe right and look tight. Given the goggles’ moderate price range, you get your money’s worth with these bad boys. Between the high functionality, plush comfort and style, for the foreseeable future I’ll be wearing the Giro Method Goggles every time I venture into the mountains… Awful pun most certainly intended.

The Giro Method Goggles are available in a variety of colorways and retail for $130. You can purchase them directly from Giro, or you can shop local by finding a retailer new you. 


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