Downtown Throwdown 08

SEATTLE, WA – In what is becoming the premier pre-season event this side of the Rockies, Snowboy Productions put on another banger edition of the Downtown Throwdown this past Sunday. The event was held on the front porch of the Seahawks’ Qwest field and the assembled cast of 20 or so of the top jibbers around put on a performance that might have been more impressive than the Hawks’ shellacking of the 49ers the next day. With MC Jesse Burtner of Think Thank handling the mic and Krush and his crew keeping things smooth, early season stoke was flying through the air warm October air while judges Sean Genovese, Jon Kooley, Austin Smith and Darrell Mathes took upon the admirable task of determining a winner. In the end it was Calgarian Jed Anderson taking down first place followed by Jonas Micholot and Ben Biloqc, with Jake Olson-Elm dialing in the best trick. Thanks to everyone involved for spreading the stoke to the masses as winter approaches.


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