Founded in 2000, The Snowboarder’s Journal has established a visual revolution in sports publishing through clean, archival production and a focused style that emphasizes intelligent content with engaging design. In 2012, The Snowboarder’s Journal successfully launched a tablet version and quickly set the high mark for digital titles in snow sports, with downloads coming in from across the globe.

The Snowboarder’s Journal has received many accolades including the Western Publishers Association Maggie for Best Quarterly Publication and the Art Director’s Club Gold Award for superior photographic content.


Jeff Galbraith

Jeff’s work has appeared in international publications for more than 15 years including Powder, Snowboarder, Warren Miller’s Ski World, Surfer, Rolling Stone, Outside and Time. He grew up in the mountains with his grandfather, an original investor and mountain manager of Seattle’s Alpental ski area, imparting the culture. Jeff left for a while to work as an editor at Surfer Publications and came back. He holds a degree in Communications and Journalism from Western Washington University, and is a graduate of the Stanford Professional Publishing Seminar.

Jessica Lu Galbraith

Creative Director

Jessica makes things look really, really good. Having previously worked with one of the world’s largest advertising firms (Ogilvy & Mather) as well as top lifestyle, communication, and sporting goods clients such as Eddie Bauer, Scott USA, RECCO, and Microsoft, Jessica brings a professional design approach to The Snowboarder’s Journal. Jessica grew up riding cold powder in Colorado. Her creative works remain on permanent display at Colorado State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. She’d rather be yoga’ing.

Colin Wiseman
Content Director

Colin hails from Hornby Island, B.C. with dual citizenship, a Master’s in Sociology, over 30 years of ripping the Island, the Interior, the Cascades and the Rockies, and real desire to document and communicate with the global alpine community. Colin is here to kick ass: get the story done, edited, and off to press. He does so with stoke and positive vibrations. He is a moderate hockey player who can give a professional lecture on Venezuelan oil politics. He is no slouch, either, when it comes to tearing up a foot of fresh in storm conditions and will drive great distances over sketchy provincial highways to do so.

Benjamin Shanks Kindlon

Ben Shanks Kindlon was born and raised in a small suburb outside of Albany, NY and spent his childhood scraping down icy slopes in Massachusetts with his big brother Jake, forever fantasizing of moving to more powdery pastures. Despite his parents’ suggestion of pursuing a law degree, Ben’s love for storytelling and snowboarding led him to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the State University of New York at New Paltz. He moved to Bellingham, WA to complete his studies through an internship at The Snowboarder’s Journal. After that he just kept showing up to the office until we hired him for real.

Jessie Carlson
Art Director

Jessie is a skier, the kind of skier whose skill and energy causes men to pile up into trees as she goes by – through no fault of her own. With a BFA in Design from WWU and having been in the mountains since a toddler, Jessie has been a natural addition to our team. With a strong aesthetic and a real understanding of real design, Jessie has been an integral part of making sure that our pages remain as clean as the snow pictured.

Matt Wibby
Director of Marketing and Advertising

Matt is a graduate of Western Washington University and holds a degree in Marketing. He has been snowboarding for upwards of two decades and working in alpine media for several years. Matt’s easygoing style and passionate enthusiasm for the snow is infectious. He got his job when we picked him up hitchhiking to Mt. Baker. Wibby is a one-man concert production company who can always score you a better deal (cell phones, domain names, thumb drives, stickers, pizzas, you name it…).

Jess De Boer
Associate Art Director

Interactive Designer Jess De Boer grew up in the small, Dutch-themed town of Lynden, WA. “My parents were kind enough to teach me the more important things in life, like klompen-dancing and skiing at Mt. Baker,” she says. Small-town life didn’t captivate De Boer and she fled to Hawaii and Fiji shortly after high school, eventually landing in Bozeman to study graphic design at Montana State University. Now residing in Bellingham, WA, De Boer can be found biking, snowboarding, surfing and creating art. “My future aspirations include becoming a farmer and learning mad survival skills like bow hunting, forging for medicinal herbs and crocheting stuffed animals,” she says.


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