The Holy Oly: A Beacon of Rad

SUMMIT-AT-SNOQUALMIE, WA (February 23, 2009) – Billed as the event “God couldn’t stop”, The Summit-at-Snoqualmie, Lib Tech, Red Bull, Olympia, and Snowboy Productions teamed up for the sixth-year in a row to bring one of the West Coast’s premier events to the multitudes once again. And, as usual, Krush Kulesza and Co. did not disappoint. A single day of old school meets young guns in a Washingstonian festival of much love, death metal and pure, unfiltered stoke for the roots of what came before and what is yet to come. From Rob Skala to Austin Hironaka to Pete Saari to Paavo Saari to every OG and grom who knows what’s up – The Holy Oly is the greatest thing since Olympia bottle cap picture-puzzles.

With previous concerns about having moved the event from Hyak due to the damage suffered from this winter’s storms (see previous “God” reference), put immediately to rest with Peter Line’s first timeless 540 and the wafting scent of Cobra (or at least Cobra-like) hotdogs, Holy Oly VI provided a beacon of rad for all as spring descended on the Kittitas/King County line.

Where to start? Massive quarterpipe with Jesse Burtner on the mic, giving a constant history lesson and proper heckling level for all? Check. More Red Bull than Pat Bridges could consume in a lifetime? Check. Afforementioned Cobra(esque) dogs? Check. Sun? Check. Genovese? Check. Jake Price? Check. Peter and his colon? Check. “Master of Puppets” on heavy rotation? Check. After-party with performances by the esteemed Mr. Scott Sullivan, Todd Schlosser and a cadre of circa-87 metalheads cranking away in hair-flinging unison? Check. Awesome bouncer vs. local action? Check. Hangovers and pancakes in the am? Check.

Way better than the best Quiet Riot concert ever.

I’ve been to the Olympics, X Games, US Open and the King of The Hill. Give me the Holy Oly, please, and let’s shotgun a few for next year: Holy Oly VII: The Dawn of Timberwulf.

Oh yeah, Monte Hayes won.


Hardest Charging Industry Guy – Kaiser from POW Gloves
Highest Air – Austin Hironaka
Raddest Guy with a Day Job – Jay Kelly
73 Tricks and Counting – Jason Robinson
Destroyer of all things Jib – Andre Spinelli
Best Trick – Matt Guess
Hucking his Meat Award – Devun Elliott
NW Method Award – Kurt Jensen
Holyest of the Oly – Monty Hayes

Photos: Joe Briggs/jvbriggs.com

01 Peter Line
02 Unknown
03 Austin Hironaka
04 Unknown


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