Downtown Throwdown Returning to Seattle October 10

Snowboy Productions and new title sponsor Lib Technologies are proud to bring you the best damn urban rail event in the US of A…yeah dude, we’re talking about the 4th annual Downtown Throwdown…and this one’s gonna to be totally bananas!

20 of the most progressive rail riders from all over North America will be shredding in Occidental Park in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square on Saturday October 10 from 2-5pm.

So…any questions?

Is Scott Stevens gonna be there? Yep.

Ben Bilocq and other bi-lingual Quebecians? Yep and yep.

Nick Visconti and other gypsies? Yep.

Seattle-guy Austin Hironaka? Yep.

How bout Forestbaileynickdirksbenbogartaustengrangerjohnnylazzjasonrobinsonaustensweetinpatmilberryivanmarcinkojakekuzykchrisgrenierjohnnymillersethkitskepatmilberychrisberesfordchrislarson? Yep…got him too.

How bout super-shreds who might or might-not show up like Turquoise-enthusiast Zac Marben and Canadian rail robot-jedi Jed Anderson? Yep.

How bout the MC talents of Jesse Burtner? Yep.

Totally credible judging crew including Sean Genovese and Jon Kooley? Yep.

$8000 in giant IOU’s going five places deep? Yep.

Ridiculously good snowboarders like Tim Eddy, Austin Smith and Mark Landvik just lurking around? Yep.

Autographs at the Sno Con tent? Yep.

DJ Sean Cee spinning wax? Yep.

How bout an after-party at the Pyramid Brewery with Seattle’s own Minus the Bear? Yep…but you gotta buy a ticket for that.

As always this event is TOTALLY FREE so pack up the car, hop on the bus or skate down to Pioneer Square to watch some radical shredding, hangout with homeless folks (besides Gus Engle) and have a damn good time.


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