Holy Oly 2010: Return to Hyak

Summit at Snoqualmie, WA (February 22, 2010)

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Photos: Patrick Kennedy

Once again Krush Kulesza pulled off arguably one of the most progressive and entertaining freestyle contests in the country: The 2010 Holy Oly at Hyak. In the shadows of the infamous Olympia “Summit” beer can stood a perfect 22-foot quarter pipe next to a pipe garden of jibs–aka “tube city”. Although the lifts are yet to spin again after the late-2008 alndslide claimed much of Summit East, hiking in the sun isn’t a bad alternative–especially when you have plenty of Olympia beer and cobra dogs fro fuel.

The Summit park troops came out days in advance with shovels in hand, creating a piece of snowboard art, which came to life on Saturday. With no particular format to dropping into an option of features the chaos started as the riders pointed it. Amateurs, pros, legends and industry folk battled it out to get a piece of the action. With riders from far off lands like Chile’s Manuel Diaz and Calgary’s Dustin Craven, legends such as Peter Line, Russell Winfield, Todd Schlosser, Kurt Jensen and Monty Hayes, local pros Pat McCarthy, Blair Habenicht, Matt Edgers, Eastern shreds Nate Farrel, Danny Garrity, Forrest Bailey, and the sons of Snoqualmie like Jay Kelly, Austin Hironaka and Austin Sweeten, attendees saw it all–including a copious amount of methods.

Jesse Burtner was on the mic commentating and not missing a beat while the crowds on the side hollered and cheered when something cool went down. Naturally Olympia beers were flowing and Cory Grove was feeding the crowds with his infamous Cobra Dogs. It became an action-packed day of self-ascent-assisted freestyle–a rare day when such a gathering of important individuals from all generations of snowboarding ended up at the same location to do nothing more than strap in and shred together.

The night came to a close with Todd Schlosser’s Senate Arcade and Wes Makepeace performing at the Timberwolf down the road at Snoqualmie. The beers flowed, high fives were given, and hugs were passed out to another year of Holyness at the Summit. Thank you to Krush, Lib Tech, Cobra Dogs and everyone else who made this trip a success. You will the see the freq there for years to come, to drink your Olympia beers and hit your pipes.


We don’t need no stinking binders award: Jake Tomlinsin

Hardest Charging Industry Dude: Sean Tedore

Russell Winfield Award: Russell Winfield

Beserker Award: Nate Farrell

Y Chromosome & Best Crash: Jess Kimura

Best Trick: Devin Elliot, Switch Mctwist 720

Tube City/ Jib Central: Forest Bailey

Highest air/ Best Facial Expression: Bryce Neibuhr

Billy Goat’s Gruff Award: Blair Habenicht

Northwest Method Award: Danny Garrity

Holiest of the Oly: Austin Hironaka


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