Think Thank’s “Right Brain/Left Brain”: A Summer Sneak Peek

Government Camp, OR (July 12, 2010)

With a half-dozen teasers dropping every day from I-Got-A-Digi-Cam Productions, it’s easy to set your brain waves to ‘ignore’ and wait for the real flicks to drop in the fall. Luckily for me and the campers at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Think Thank brought a sneak preview of their new film “Right Brain/Left Brain” to Government Camp on Friday. With attendance from most of the Think Thank crew and a slew of industry heads—Pete Saari of Mervin, Krush Kulesza from the Summit, C3’s Johan Malkoski, and Mervin’s Zach Leach, to name a few—the crowd was decidedly in favor of the double feature. While this was a pre-screening and will likely be subject to a few minor tweaks over the next few weeks, here are the Cliff’s Notes:

– This could be Think Thank’s most creative film to date; both in terms of the riding (just watch Jesse Burtner and Scott Stevens, among others, getting weird) and the edits (special effects! Two movies in one!)

– Jess Kimura rips.

– Jason Robinson is one of the more well-rounded snowboarders out there, and also one of the more underrated. Jibs, jumps, lines, he slays it all.

– The addition of a bit more freeriding and natural jibbing from the likes of Edgers, Habenicht and Hironaka is a welcome one and makes for a well-rounded movie.

I suggest you put this one on your must-attend list when premier season rolls around. Until then, here’s the teaser…

Photo: Aaron Blatt/High Cascade


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