Ask DCP: The Answers

Last month we hooked up with The North Face and YES.NOW.BOARD and gave you the chance to ask DCP some questions. We thank everyone who submitted, but in the end we had to choose five questions. Without further adieu, here are the answers.

As far as the contest winners, we went with the two questions that elicited the two longest responses. So, Mike G. gets luggage from The North Face for his forward-thinking question about the snowboard film industry, and Peterborough will be riding a brand new YES deck this season. Robin, Kirk and Andy will receive frequency TSJ prize packages. And Melissa and Tuomas get questionable advice from a snowboarder who is definitely not a doctor…


What are your thoughts on the impacts of projects like ‘My Own Two Feet’ and ‘Deeper?’ Will we start to see a greater number of riders throughout the industry trading in snowmobiles for splitboards? Or will we just see a divide form amongst filming companies, with some focusing solely on human-powered endeavors and others sticking with helis and snowmobiles for accessing terrain in the backcountry?

Mike G.

Hi Mike, how are you?

I think the impact will be both. Now that guys like Jeremy Jones and Xavier Delerue, and others have been accessing mountains that you can’t reach with a snowmobile, a lot of people see the opportunity to hike in their own backyard… with or without the help of a chairlift.

I think that film companies are gonna start combining both, or not be opposed to it. A lot of very cool terrain is in the Provincial Park (in BC). It becomes very rewarding for both the film crew and the devoted shredder. I was sure inspired to go out there and splitboard more after I did a trip in Chile this summer—I was hooked. I will keep using my sled as well… the access is a bit quicker and BC’s mountains are huge.


Hello DCP,
What do you think of the trend (or perhaps, necessity) of snowboarders of Francophone descent having to invent new spellings and acronyms for their names? Is this no big deal? If you had not embraced your acronym, do you think it would have limited your career? I feel like this might be a big deal in Quebec, considering the battle to maintain the sanctity of francais and such, and am interested to hear what you think.


Hi there,

Well, to be honest, having a 3-letter acronym probably did help my career. But, back when I started competing, in US or Ontario, people would massacre my name. It was really hard to pronounce and Burton made up DCP; I went with it, although everyone (still) calls me David. DCP is better for advertising or branding.

Now, for others, I think it’s the same thing, whether someone changed it for them, or they were advised to get a nickname or a different name. But I have seen friends with a lot of talent and dedication get shut down or have a more difficult time with their name than I did. I was lucky.

As far as the sovereignty and referendum and whatnot, I don’t think I would ever want Quebec to separate from Canada. I love Canada, every part of it, although I prefer to live out West. I don’t think it’s a big deal… but it seems like there is quite a lot more (opportunity for Quebecois) these days, in skateboarding too. Have a good winter! Thanks for asking.

Dream Rider

Whenever I dream of snowboarding I snowboard way better then I actually do. Do you dream about snowboarding and if you do, do you kill it even more in your dreams then in real life?

Robin Pitt

Hi Robin,

As a matter of fact, I do dream of snowboarding sometimes. I usually ride deep pow in my dreams, the deepest pow ever. But yeah, sometimes I dream of hitting a windlip down a spine line and going so huge, like 200 feet, and landing in the pocket no problem… I guess this is why it’s called a dream. That would be sweet though if we could always live our dream.


Someone once told me that if everyone would just listen to Michael Jackson’s thriller, there would be peace in the Middle East. What do you think are things people could do to improve the state of their lives?

Kirk Trew

You know what I heard? If everyone on facebook’s Farmville (over 53 million monthly users) would plant a real tree or stock of corn, everyone on the planet would have food. BANG!

The Golden Years

From what you called “the golden years” of snowboarding, what did you learn in those years that you find yourself applying to YES?

Andy Prodnak

I learned about traveling, I learned about integrity, I got hooked on snowboarding then and I want to share this passion and inspire people to ride the mountain and enjoy every minute of this wonderful lifestyle. I want to do that through YES.

Bonus Questions: Doctor DCP

Dear DCP… I have had a rash in an (sic) unmetionabe place for months now. Should I see a doctor or just continue to pretend it doesn’t exist??

Melissa Bird

Well Melissa, sounds uncomfortable. I would wake up from your months-long rager, shower, drive yourself to the doctor office already and have it checked. Months? Smoke more weed!

I wet my pants when watching you riding. My mom says I shouldn´t check out your film parts, and go to see my urologist. Does she hate me?

Tuomas U.

Do you get the same reaction from tweeting? If the answer is YES…please go see your urologist. Don’t worry your mom is in love with you.


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