Freq Week #6 at Baldface Lodge: Un-Freqing-Believable

In its sixth year now, Freq Week makes good on an original promise to Craig Kelly to come visit interior BC and ride with friends, minus industry pressures or chatter. With veteran Freqs Maxx von Marbod, Patrick McQueen, Martin Watterson, Bob Rodgers, Dave Billinghurst, Matt Bain and others including Freq staffers, the week at Baldface Lodge began with unreal conditions: 24 friends, blower pow, stable slopes and visibility without sunbaking. This was my third birthday in a row up there, and aside from the apparently mandatory birthday beer-bong-car-bomb-whiskey-shot triumvirate, it was as easy style a birthday as one could hope for. With Fireman Jamie and Co. providing A-grade reservation quality pyrotechnics — visible in the middle of a snowstorm — northern lights were brought to fruition in large, five shot bursts.

Freq Week 2011
The days become a blur as the best snow you’ve ever experienced gets surpassed on the next run. With guide Heath Lockhurst pointing all in a SFD fashion (and Lanny, MD, keeping the herd in line) through the misty trees, burn sections and glory bowls, snowboarding takes on another, ethereal meaning at Baldface. This quality was even more enhanced on day two when out of the fog, Jamie Lynn — OG Freq from back in the day — arrived to shred with all. Freq Week winner and Detroit resident Luc Wilson couldn’t believe it; you just don’t get this on the UP, eh?

Jamie Lynn
And for those who were fortunate enough to witness, Jimmie James Lynn is riding like “The Garden” was filmed last month; un-Freqing-believable. Between this and his appearance for our recent heli trip, it is good to have the man back around, and expect to see him involved more as we go along.

Jamie Lynn and Jeff Galbraith

The remainder of Freq Week’s riding was as good as snowboarding gets (only enhanced by DJ MothaChucka’s dance party gig), we were stoked to have our friends from Nike Snowboarding — Bobby Meeks and Andy Wright — along for this one, and we look forward to next year’s Freq Week event. Stay tuned for location and details.

John Laing

Much love and thanks to the entire Baldface staff especially: Jeff P., Stella, Heath, Lanny, Lee, Dave, Jamie, Kord and the whole crew.


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