The 2011 Holy Oly: Coverage from “The Ocho”

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There is something about the lack of guaranteed sunshine that I enjoy about the Pacific Northwest. Knowing this, I look forward to the Holy Oly every year–an event that brings together so many talented riders with such a good vibe. With a promising forecast, I was looking forward to another sunny spring day and the potential for a few stellar images–I was rewarded with both.

Recruiting Gnu rider Nick Ennen as my co-pilot, we went south in our search of a relaxing day on the mountain. Both of us have been hard at work filming, and always enjoy any opportunity to take a mandatory “day off” to mingle with friends and catch some action. And the action ensued.

Both the quarterpipe and the jib section saw heavy abuse all day despite variable weather that brought a mix of snow, clouds, and sunshine. With the help of our human-powered grooming department, ruts were filled and the features were given a bit of maintenance, giving the riders some extra control on the larger than average quarterpipe (word is it topped out around 27 feet this year). While I nearly overdosed on sick methods, there was also an abundance of technical jibbing going down to the right of the QP. It was snowboarding ’til infinity, and I was nipple deep in talented riding. Surely a good day and another one for the Holy Oly history books.

Thanks go out to Krush, Jesse Burtner, the Hyak staff, the riders, and to the sponsors and spectators that were in attendance. See the official results below:

Holiest of the Holy: Manuel Diaz
NW Method Award: Scotty Witsil
Mayor of Tube City: Forrest Bailey
Future of NW Shred Award: Bart Patittucci
Highest Air: Jay Kelly
Land-Am: Stephan Krumm
Holy Diver: Dan Manning
Best Trick: Matt Wainhouse (front 900 tail grab)
Where you been: Alistair Schultz


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