The Downtown Throwdown Set for Seattle and San Francisco in October

The Downtown Throwdown is back for another year, this time with a bonus stop in San Francisco. Straight from the Snowboy’s mouth:

“Lib Tech and Snowboy Productions are stoked to bring back the Downtown Throwdown to Seattle on October 8, as well as adding our new stop in San Francisco on October 29…it’s gonna be BANANAS!

In the past 5 years this event has grown from a great local event to the biggest and most respected urban snowboarding event in the world, with a focus on the up and coming snowboarders who are shaping the industry.

“I’m humbled at how big this event has grown, and definitely excited about its future,” says Snowboy Productions President Krush Kulesza. “With Seattle and our new SF stop, plus our AM qualifier series (The Feeders!) in Portland, Spokane and Sacramento, we’ve got the whole west coast covered from the Bay to the Border.”

The invite list is STACKED with the likes of… Scott Stevens, Forest Bailey, Johnny Lazz, Ted Borland, Jake Kuzyk, Dylan Thompson, Austen Sweetin, Jess Kimura, Chris Larson and a lot more. Each stop will feature 25 of the most progressive jibbers on the scene today. We can’t wait to see who will join past winners Dan Brisse, Jed Anderson (twice), Nick Visconti and Ryan Paul as the next Downtown Throwdown champ.

Lib Tech rider and Think Thank owner Jesse Burnter will hold down the emcee duties along with Preston Strout from High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Crab Grab fame. Dinosaurs Will Die’s Sean Genovese will head up the judgeMENTAL crew with the likes of Zac Marben, LNP and Chris Grenier to determine what riders will take home a share of the $20K in prize money.

In addition to the non-stop shred action, there will also be music, food vendors, live art, autograph signings, a raffle of prizes that benefit great local charities, as well as info and prizes from all our great sponsors.

Best of all? It’s still TOTALLY FREE!! So get your butt down to Pioneer Square in Seattle or the Civic Center in San Francisco and check out the action!”

We’ll see you there.


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