Survival Tips for an Alaskan Snow Safari

Ever thought about making the trek to AK? Here is a photo gallery and some words of wisdom to help you commit. Myself, Joe Bosler and Andy Bergin-Sperry spend a month in AK at Thompson Pass and Tailgate Alaska.nullview.jpg

Resort backcountry vs. AK = Playing with yourself vs. sex.

If your bank account is still in the green by the time you get home… Winning.

If it looks like a hole, it’s probably a hole.

Andy Bergensperry making some turns

Andy Bergin-Sperry making some turns.


Campfires everynight during Tailgate.


AK day kit.


Bergin-Sperry sending it.


Ghetto gourmet.

Never turn down hot food…. Or any food.

Coffee + Coco = Ghetto Moca.

Wake up early enough for the continental breakfast. Back to bed… Round Two Continental breakfast.


Joe Bosler stoked to shred his first line in AK.



A chainsaw and a little work ethic is the key to endless firewood.

Be prepared for overwhelming fluctuations of your emotions and your bank account.

A 6.5 at home is a 10 in AK.


Brandon Reid’s winning line in the Flow World Free Ride Championship.


Tailgate community.

You haven’t watched “Dancing with the stars” until you have seen the Northern Lights.

Ever see someone use a shotgun as a chainsaw?

Things might get weird.


Pam Robinson head chef for Tailgate spreading her son Aaron’s ashes over the Chugach range.


It’s not uncommon to encounter some wildlife.


Andy Begin-Sperry. Photo www.shayboarder.com.

More beard… More respect.

The longer you go without a shower, the cooler you can style your hair.

2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner can become 3 in 1 if applied all over.


Emily Weir, winner for the ladies at the Flow World Freeride Championship.


Girls are like gas stations in Alaska… few and far between.


Bigger is better when it comes to snowboards.

Shred today because tomorrow might be grey.

White room back home, awesome… White room on AK line… God help me.

Never leave powder for powder… unless its AK.


Valdez local gift shop is off the hook.


Slednecking paradise.

It’s called a snowmachine, not a snowmobile.

Andy: “What time is it?” Jordan: “Who cares, the sun’s still up.” Repeat until 10pm.

Beer is usually easier to find then Water at Tailgate AK… Thanks Alaskan brewery.

Suburbans double as enclosed snowmobile trailers.


Joe Bosler, powder cloud.


Beautiful drive.

Want to go on the road trip of a lifetime? Valdez is only 45 hours from Seattle.

No washing machine, no problem–flip your threads inside out.

Don’t hesitate to stop by the most bootleg, far-out looking gift shop’s.


Andy Bergin-Sperry.


Pimpin’ is pretty easy if your staying in a wall tent at Thompson Pass.

Ballin wood grain floor in thompson pass = Enough pallets for wall tent floor

A water bottle full of hot water is the next best thing to a babe blanket

Pouring hot water straight into Oatmeal packets makes for easy dishes

When in doubt duck tape the hell out of it

nulltent_.jpgDown days, not a bad thing.

“If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”

— Warren Miller.

Words: Andy Bergin-Sperry.


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