Rhythm and Bruise 2012: A Photo Blog from White Pass, WA

The NW does a good job of keeping it grassroots when it comes to snowboarding. It seems like the only contests in the northwest worth mentioning are this way including Baker’s LBS, Snoqualmie’s Holy Oly (now Holy Moly), Bachelor’s Dirksen Derby, Stevens Pass’s Retro Fools day and White Pass’s Rhythm and Bruise. All of these gatherings are more about camaraderie than competition. Rules and judging criteria are usually loose and everyone is just stoked to have a reason to come together and celebrate their mutual love for snowboarding.

– Jordan Ingmire

Having lived in the Northwest for the vast majority of my life, I’ve come to have a certain pride in it. I believe this is the main drive for most of these events all around the northwest. Whether you live in Bend or Bellingham, you absolutely love where you live and the people you live around. Our passions are all very similar especially in the snowboarding world. When you bring all this passion and friendship together, amazing events are bound to happen. Rhythm and Bruise at white pass is one of these events. It will never be televised, there will never be bitter rivals battling for 1st and most importantly it will never be about anything besides having a great time snowboarding with your friends.

– Ryan Mclaughlin

Best part of a multi day event in the spring.. Camping!




Andy Bergin-Sperry


Little Milo Malkoski holding it down!


Milo taking 1st for the Groms.


Home girl Kayla Kobelin took 1st for the ladies.


Gorio Bustamante.


Mike Cummins.


Krush Kulesza.


Blair Habenicht.


Ryan Davis & Forrest Burki.


Ryan Mclaughlin Ryan Waiste Myself (Jordan Ingmire)


These chicks were hot but i think they spelled baby wrong…


See you there next spring!


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