Think Thank’s “Mind The Video Man” Teaser

Now 9 years deep, Think Thank continues to bring the strange with their upcoming film, “Mind The Video Man”. Call it wierd, call it creative, call it fun, we call it boarding. And don’t mind the loading in the intro–it’s by design. This year, featuring some new blood.

From the official officialdom:

“The official trailer for Think Thank’s 9th video “Mind The Video Man”. Starring: Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Ted Borland, Chris Beresford, Sean Black, Sam Hulbert and welcoming to the Think Thank family; Curtis Woodman, Ryan Paul, Nial Romanek, Brandon Hammid, Kyle Lopiccolo, Brandon Reis, Jaeger Bailey and more. Song is “Lamb and the Lion” by The Mae Shi off the album Hlllyh.
“Mind The Video Man” explores progressive freestyle snowboarding with those in the vanguard and those about to make their mark, while asking the question, “What’s happening with the snowboard video, where is it going next and how will that impact our culture.” Follow the video man and his crew as they push the limits of possibility and progression through creativity in an attempt to create something of meaning that will stand the new media onslaught and the test of time. Mind the video, man.”


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