Think Thank’s Mind The Video Man Seattle Premier: The Red Carpet of the PNW

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This past Friday, the Pacific Northwest saw its first signs of winter: falling leaves, frosty, peaks, and, of course, the premier of Think Thank’s new joint, “Mind The Video Man,” at Seattle’s Pirahna Shop. Riders from throughout the PNW gathered near Safeco Field to build stoke for 2012-13, partake in a few Mountain Fresh libations, and take in some late-night entertainment on the moderately-sized screen. It felt kind of like a snowboarding class reunion minus the chairlifts—the assortment of heads in attendance ranged from Think Thank riders Chris Beresford, Pat McCarthy, Jaeger Bailey and emcee Jesse Burtner himself, to Sean Genovese, Jeff Keenan, Leanne Pelosi and Peter Line, and behind-the-scenes folks like Maxx Von Marbod, Joe Pope, Tim Zimmerman, Kevin Winkel and even that dude from “The Deadliest Catch.” The red carpet of the PNW indeed.

The new space proved a fitting venue for Think Thank—a random assortment of art-heads and hip chicks floating through the audience added a sense of oddity to the good kind of weird for which Think Thank is known. The Burtners also thought ahead and added an early show for the kids while providing a 21-and-over late showing for the older generation—a good call.

By the time the Dinosaurs Will Die flick went on at 10pm, the crowd was nicely hydrated and ready to cheer on the standout riding of Ben Bogart and Genovese’s own two-year, two-song ender that proved he can run a company and still stack shots with the best of them. I won’t give you the play by play, but just say that the Dinos movie is fast-paced punk rock snowboarding at its finest and well worth a look.

Then the main feature: Pat McCarthy, Kurt Jenson and Burtner share the opening part, paying homage to veterans of the PNW scene, before the kids took over. Jaeger Bailey is a perfect fit for Think Thank with his inventive approach—he even learned a few new ways to get upside down. It seems the kids are paying attention to Think Thank’s outside-the-box approach. Ryan Paul likes flips. Chris Beresford is clearly developing his one-footed skills, taking it to backcountry booters. And the closing part, featuring Tahoe’s Curtis Woodman, showed the new roster can hang with some fast and loose mini-golf lines.

By midnight, Burtner was handing out a slew of prizes and this aging Editor had to make his way home for the evening. Judging by the temperament of the crowd, it’s safe to say the party went on until last call. Thanks to Sean Genovese and the Burtners for keeping snowboarding fresh—we’ll see you when the snow flies.

Photos by Christina Burtner.


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