Xavier De Le Rue’s “White Noise” Full Movie

Watching White Noise, Xavier de Le Rue’s wonderfully executed 2012 full film by TimeLine films, it’s clear why he stands out amongst Europe’s best big mountain talents. Considering the way that The North Face rider hunts and dominates massive, beautiful lines, to call him adventurous seems to fall short. In between striking black-and-white footage, exploring new terrain in Switzerland, and riding through a mountain hole in France, De Le Rue contemplates his own vulnerabilities, and questions the risks he takes for the sake of pushing his snowboarding further. Ultimately, the battling voices of reason and daring fall away when de Le Rue straps in and simply goes for it. The additional ripping done by Victor de Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten and Johan Jonsson is solid, and serves as fuel for de Le Rue, and vice versa.


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