A Decade Deep: Think Thank’s Seattle Premiere and Recession Proof Boarding

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“Break out the Theraflu, because it’s about to get sick!”

There have been many memorable moments in Think Thank’s movies over the past ten years, but the Theraflu one, which was spoken (I’m pretty sure) by Mark Landvik in one of their earlier releases before firing a back rodeo over a tree, is Joe Pope’s favorite. That’s what he told me over a cocktail at the Sea Monster on Seattle’s 45th Avenue last Thursday night. As the terrain park guru at The Summit at Snoqualmie, Pope knows Think Thank well—from early tube city sessions to their recent 10th anniversary on-snow celebration, Snoqualmie has long been a staple of the Seattle-based crew in their pursuit of what Jesse Burtner calls “recession proof snowboarding.” Seeing as there were hundreds of folks waiting to fill the Landmark Guild Theater on 45th on a school night, it’s fair to say that Burtner has succeeded through the recession—and introduced a generation to a unique style of riding that continues to grow with each new release.

“Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack”—a long title, indeed, but they seem to expand over the years. Maybe when you’re a decade deep, things can afford to get a little long-winded. The movie itself, however, is anything but long-winded. Running around 40 minutes, the Think Thankers managed to fit in a two-sided dose of sometimes-spastically-fast boarding. Opening with Chris Beresford’s tech moves and flowing into solid freeride parts from the likes of Sammy Luebke and Curtis “Surf the Earth” Woodman, it’s hard to classify the film beyond the fact that it makes snowboarding look really, really fun. And, well, it is. So they got that right. Here are some general notes:

– Beresford’s got it. Precise riding on some very imprecise spots.

– Burtner’s part is worth watching for the closing trick alone. He’s still got it, too.

– Punk rock, a little dance, a little hip hop—and no dubstep. Yes.

– The ten year montage is also highly entertaining, definitely check the extras on DVD.

– Desiree Melancon’s got it, too.

– Jaeger Bailey’s part shows just how Think Thank has influenced the next generation.

Buy the movie. Expect some freestyling. Be entertained. Winter’s almost here.

A huge thanks to the Burtners, the riders, and the snowboard community of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s all raise a glass to ten years and counting.

Photos: Jennica Lowell.


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