Rhythm N Bruise 2014: Photos and Video from the Hell Track at Stevens Pass

Main Image: All aboard the heavy metal express. Photo: Josh Thompson.

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The Pacific Northwest has a strong history of snowboarding. It also has a strong history of BMX. Craig Kelly raced BMX when he was growing up. So did Matt Cummins. Why not combine the two? Such was the case on closing day at Stevens Pass this last weekend, where One Ball Jay’s Rhythm N Bruise contest brought riders together to send a snow-based hell track.

For Saturday’s practice, a by-design jam session saw backflips and methods flying overhead in ten second intervals. It was the last gasp of a long winter in the cloudy Northwest, the busiest one in Stevens Pass history, and a 100-inch-plus base meant plenty of snow to work with and spread one last dose of stoke to the PNW snow-sliding community.

The course was boardercross on drugs. Freestyle elements like a propane tank jib, hips and jumps stood after every berm. Riders learned the speed and the right jumps to get wild on as the snow softened under intermittent sunshine. The madness began during practice, when an anonymous hero threw a double cork high in the air and came down hard on his face. He got up with a big slush-burnt smile and kicked off the session. The good times flowed like sunscreen and hot wax, from two-year-olds to old-timers, and the heavy metal express of Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace and friends played in the back of a trailer in the parking lot. We’ll leave you with photos and videos as evidence.

Special thanks to the diggers, Zak Basher, Stevens Pass, Mervin Manufacturing, One Ball Jay and Northwest Snowboards for putting it all together and see you later winter 2013-14. See you in November, Stevens Pass.

Rhythm and Bruise 2014 Stevens Pass from Lib Tech on Vimeo.

1. Matt Wainhouse
2. Kevin Hanson
3. Dustin Anderson

1. Philip Thomas
2. Ryan McLaughlin
3. Robin Foster

1. Milo Malkoski
2. Keala Cole
3. Sean Fitzsimmons

1. Kris Melton
2. Nick Felt
3. Hans Jangaard

1. Todd Schlosser
2. Jason Loeb
3. Khamta Khongsavanh

1. Livia Molodyh
2. Marni Yamada
3. Megan Middleton

1. Isabella Gomez
2. Cali Carlson
3. Clair McGuire

1. Mac Malkoski
2. Wyatt Foley
3. Garren Gooler

1. Wyatt Cline
2. Cannon Cummins
3. Nacho Jones


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