Celtek Clan Takes Utah: “Nothing To Prove” Part 2

Terrain park insanity with Ben Bilodeau and Bode Merrill, splitboarding and backcountry slaying with Bjorn Leines and Randy Vannurden, super butters with Deadlung and a bit of rail destruction with Cale Zima and Chris Grenier — These are just a few examples of the clips that make up part two of Celtek’s full movie, “Nothing To Prove.” Instead of creating a video made up of individual rider parts, Celtek’s “Nothing To Prove” features the entire “Celtek clan,” as Leines calls it, in team segments. With a team that consists of such diverse and adaptable riders as the Celtek clan, the “Nothing To Prove” videos have showcased a great variety of skillful riding.

In part two of “Nothing To Prove,” the team takes Utah. Watch the team shredding side and backcountry, ripping through the parks at Park City and participating in the annual Holy Bowly transition-based jam. Celtek may claim they’ve got “nothing to prove,” but with the intensity and style shown in these past two videos… these guys are making a serious statement.

Nothing to Prove – Full Movie – Part 2 from CELTEK on Vimeo.


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