Methodically Managed: Nial Romanek’s Full Part From Think Thank’s “Almanac”

Our friends over at Think Thank have done it again. Well-known for their creative approach in composing snowboard movies, the crew’s videos never fail to amaze their viewers. Over time their film crews and riders may come and go, but Think Thank’s motives have remained constant through the years: Go big, be creative and most importantly, have fun.

Nial Romanek’s part from Think Thank’s newest full video (which premiered with Right Turn, Left Turn) displays the same level of intensity and innovation that the company’s previous movies are popular for. From switch nosepresses through triple kinks to nosesliding massive waterfall rails, Romanek gets down and dirty on the urban game in this edit. His ending shot is an absolute banger, which is much better than the alternative of slamming off of that feature…


Nial Romanek from “Think Thank Almanac” 2014 from Think Thank on Vimeo.


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