The Creative Craziness Continues: Think Thank Releases “Methods Of Prediction” Trailer

You name it, the guys at Think Thank will ride it. And they’ll have already ridden something you haven’t thought of hitting on a snowboard, and pull it off with style nonetheless. The teaser for “Methods Of Prediction,” looks like they’ll be continuing on in a similar fashion of snowboarding. Playgrounds and trash can lids – dope.

Featuring: Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Brandon Hammid, Desiree Melancon, Parker Duke, Nial Romanek, Mitch Richmond, Justin Keniston, Sam Hulbert, Chris Beresford, Ryan Paul, Freddy Perry, Sammy Spiteri, Max Warbington, Erik Karlsson & Jesse Burtner

Think Thank “Methods of Prediction” teaser from Think Thank on Vimeo.


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