Hectic & Directional: “Yearning For Turning Vol. 2 – Carving Europe”

Low impact? No problem. While some snowboarders focus on launching themselves off jumps or onto street rails, the guys over at Korua Shapes dedicate their time and energy towards perfecting the sport’s fundamental move: Carving. Through powder and over hardpack, and even into the pipe, these riders exhibit remarkable board control without ever having to leave the ground. Some would argue that “this is what it’s all about.” What do you think?

Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, Stephan Maurer, Thomas Stöckli, Cyril Müller, Gabriele Torriani & Mattia Fogliani.

KORUA Shapes – YEARNING FOR TURNING Vol. 2 – Carving Europe from KORUA Shapes on Vimeo.


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