Drink Water Explores Oregon in “Mediocre Madness”

Anyone who has spent time in the Pacific Northwest knows that its majestic peaks, towering evergreens, glacial blue lakes, and drift-wood littered pebble-stone beaches make this place a paradise on earth. The PNW just has this aura around it–– one that resembles a dream when the mist rolls over the mountains to nurture the trees the way our curiosity and wonder roll over our thoughts to carve our destinties. The beautiful state of Oregon emobodies all of these things, and Drink Water assembled a crew of rippers and dreamers to explore the state from it’s snow covered volcanoes to the choppy, sharky waters of the Oregon coast. In an 8 minute showcase of light and sound, and of true youthfulness and joy, Drink Water present us today with a short flim of their trip dubbed: “Mediocre Madness”. In my experience though, no roadtrip is ever mediocre, and the only madness is not wondering what’s out there and searching for it.

Featuring: Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Griffin Seibert, Gus and Max Warbington, Tim Eddy, Iikka Backstrom, Curtis Ciszek, Spencer Shubert, Louif Paradis, Bryan Fox, Aidan Payson, Stephen Fox, Austin Smith, Jake Price, Jess Gibson, Foster Huntington, Mark Welsh, Bob Plumb, Java Fernandez, Ripzinger, Pete Alport, and Cale Meyer.


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