The Loon Project Revealed: Full Video featuring Stevens, Ravelson, Warbington, Borland and many more

The Loon Project has been the source of many questions and raised eyebrows throughout the social media networks that have teased it’s existence recently. The Project has been shrouded in mystery since it’s early concept stages when Krush Kulesza from SnowBoy Productions first started drawing up the plans and making phone calls to make his vision come to life. The idea was simple, yet innovative: to build off what has been learned from The Holy Bowly and add urban style features to a surf-inspired terrain park. From there it was only natural to invite riders, photographers, and video crews out to document everything so they could eventully turn the social media myth to internet breaking reality. Here is the full video recap of The Loon Project.

Featuring creative and stylish riding from: Scott Stevens, Johnny O’Connor, Mike Ravelson, Griffin Siebert, Jesse Paul, Sean Genovese, Ian Hart, Jesse Gouveia, Brendon Rego, Fredrik Perry, Ian Boll, Max Lyons, Ted Borland, Parker Szumowski, Max Warbington, Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, Gus Warbington, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Zach Normandin, Phil Jacques, and more.


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