Victor Daviet’s Full Part in “Comfort Zone”

Victor Daviet is part of a new generation of French riders that are pushing the boundaries of backcountry jumps not only in their country, but around the world. He’s been strapped into a snowboard since he was merely eight years old, and it’s plain to see that snowboarding is his comfort zone. He has joined forces with Almo Films, a production company that’s bring cinematic quality and ideology to snowboarding, and they are doing a damn good job of it too. The amount of air-awareness Victor displays in this edit is absolutely-jaw dropping. Here he is sending insanely large gaps with complete ease, throwing some of the most stylish cork spins I’ve seen in awhile, and he does it all looking like he hasn’t even broken a sweat. Today we have the pleasure of enjoying his full part from Almo’s Comfort Zone.


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