From Cement to Snow: Mervin MFG and the 2016 Holy Bowly

Main image: Max Warbington by Tim Zimmerman.

Whether they’re cruising on cement or snow, anyone who hops in this van better be ready for some quick transitions. Our friends over at Think Thank just released this 15 minute edit full of bowl boarding, skate and snow style – a video recap of Mervin Mfg‘s 2016 Holy Bowly experience.


Phil Hansen by Tim Zimmerman. See Zimmerman’s full photo gallery from the trip on Lib-Tech.com

Video featuring: Jamie Lynn (featured in issue 12.4 of frequency TSJ) Sky Siljeg, Ted Borland, Tucker Andrews, Phil Hansen, Eric Jackson, Alex Lopez, Mikey Swearingen, Brandon Reis, Blake Paul, Jesse Burtner, Max Warbington, Zebbe Landmark, Jacob Krugmire, Sam Hulbert, Chad Fenlon & Jamie Jacobson.

After watching this video be sure to check out Pascal Shirley’s photo gallery from the event, brought to you exclusively by frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal.

Mervin MFG at the Holy Bowly 2016 from Think Thank on Vimeo.


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