Riksgränsen Orange Open

Snowboarders have been reveling in insane amounts of hangtime at Riksgränsen, Sweden based events for over two decades. Remember Ingemar Backman’s famous backside air back in 1996? There’s just something about this resort that inspires riders to go huge. The tradition continued on May 14-16 with the Orange Open, a quarterpipe competition that attracted dozens of talented scandanavian snowboarders for a no-holds-barred jam session. You’ve got to see it to believe some of the tricks that went down during the event (especially the last one shown in this video).

Featuring: Ingemar Backman, Markus Östman, Len Jørgensen, Abbe Hjellström, Viktor Björnström, Johan Nordhag, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Ruben Rosenfors, Jocke Rasmussen & Terje Haakonsen.


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