Japanese Backcountry Terrain Park

Jumps, jibs, pow, friends and seemingly endless possibilities–this backcountry trip looks like the most fun ever. A handful of riders from New Zealand and Australia made the trek to get frothy in Japan last season, and there they created their own terrain park of sorts in the bottomless snow that the country has to offer. While the features they set up were really something else, the igloos they constructed deserve just as much recognition. Seriously, you could live in one of those things! Well, for a while… ah, you get it.

A word from Red Bull about the video: 

Kick back, relax and be transported to a pow laden winter wonderland in back country Japan while director Heath Patterson, Nick Brown and six of their friends journeyed to back country Hokkaido, Japan, to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Igloos as far as the eye can see, jumps in every direction, an extensive variation of terrain, snow falling 24/7 and eight great mates continuously digging to exhaustion, sets the scene for the creation of one all-time snow park and one all-time cinematic production, ‘Hidden Mountain.’ Watch as the boys venture out into middle-of-nowhere Japanese pow to build the ultimate backcountry slalom playground.


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