Cosa Nostra: Mike Liddle

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Arbor’s first full length video, “Cosa Nostra.” Fortunately, the film is so far living up to the high expectations. Arbor just released Mike Liddle’s part from the movie, and it’s a doozy–so full of hammers that Mike’s likely gonna need a new toolshed.

A word from Arbor about “Cosa Nostra” and Mike Liddle: 

Arbor Snowboards is proud to introduce one of the most talented and humble rail riders to come from the latest generation of mid-western snowboarders, Mike Liddle. Enjoy this online release of his part from Arbor Snowboard’s first full length team video, ‘Cosa Nostra’. Don’t miss the world premiere of ‘Cosa Nostra’ at Arbor Headquarters in Venice, CA on September 15th and look for ‘Cosa Nostra’ on iTunes and Vimeo On Demand starting October 26.

Cosa Nostra is an authentic representation of snowboarding’s current state as seen from the perspective and experiences of the Arbor Team. Featuring Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Erik Leon, Charles Reid, Scotty Vine, Mike Liddle, Emil Ulsletten, Ian Sams, Cam Fitzpatrick, Atsushi Hasegawa, and Mike Gray. This is our passion. This is our family. This is our thing. This is “Cosa Nostra.”



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