Bonezone 2018 – Falling Leaf at Brighton, UT

When it comes to early season riding, there are few places (if any) better to be than Brighton, UT. For proof, look no further than Falling Leaf’s latest edit, “Bonezone 2018.”

Featuring: Featuring – Brandon Reis, Chris Beresford, Jesse Paul, Max Tokunaga, Chris Grenier, Jill Perkins, Pat Fava, Kyle Neinhouse, Jeff Holce, Cody Warble, Reid Smith, Robby Meehan, Sam Wittke, Benny Urban, Nirvana Ortanez, Tucker Brown, TJ Homan, Austin Lameroux, Ted Borland, Nils Arvidsson, Phil Hansen & Brendan Sullivan.

Filmed by: Ted Borland, Paul Osborne & Ryan Finder.


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