Splitboarding and Surfing Norway’s Lofoten Islands

If you’ve got strong legs, efficient skins and a thick enough wetsuit, Norway’s Lofoten Islands looks to be the ideal destination for both powder and waves. Deep in the Polar Circle, the area holds stable, powdery runs that lead right down to the Norwegian Sea. The views are next-level, and traffic looks light. See for yourself in “#LOFOTONICOTOUR,” featuring Federico Tognoli, Federico Romanello, Alberto Drera, Michele Guarneri & Elena Foglio.

Filming: Federico Romanello & Federico Tognoli.

Drone Footage: Federico Romanello, Federico Tognoli & Michele Guarneri.

Action Cam Footage: Federico Tognoli, Alberto Drera, Federico Romanello & Michele Guarneri.

Editing: Federico Romanello.


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