Jamie Lynn, Max Warbington and more in “Boot Candy”

This edit goes. From powder with Jamie Lynn and Estelle Pensiero to riding parks in the Midwest with Brandon Reis and Naima Antolin, street snowboarding with Forest Bailey and so much more, “Boot Candy” showcases Bent Metal Binding’s eclectic team of riders. Whatever your terrain of choice may be, there’s something in here for you.

Starring: Jamie Lynn, Blake Paul, Forest Bailey, Eric Jackson, Tucker Andrews, Estelle Pensiero, Naima Antolin, Brandon Reis, Austen Sweetin, Cooper Whittier, Phil Hansen, Max Warbington, Alex Lopez, Temple Cummins, Sean Genovese, Michael McDonald, Jesse Burtner, Al Grogan, Dusty Miller, Savannah Shinske, Jacque Lammert, Barrett Christy, Gus Warbington, Frederik Perry, Denver Orr, Bryden Bowley, Kaitlyn Farrington & Fredi Kalbermatten.


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