Quiet – Forest Bailey and friends

“Quiet” is a must see. The film follows Forest Bailey and his talented friends throughout the 2019/20 season and does well to showcase their diverse approach to the riding street spots, natural hits and backcountry kickers. The talent notably shines on both ends of the lens in “Quiet” through crack filming, editing and scoring by Brendon Hupp.

Film/edit: Brendon Hupp.

Boarders in order: Forest Bailey, Temple Cummins, Alex Lopez, Mark Landvik, Niels Schack, Gus Engle, Baltimore Loth, Antoine Provencher, Cooper Whittier, Max Warbington, Patrick McCarthy & Darrell Mathes.

Additional Filmers: Freedle Coty, Tim Stanford, Logan Beaulieu, Forest Bailey, Colt Morgan & Niels Schack.


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