The Hermit – A Wes Anderson Inspired Shred Short

If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson, chances are you’re going to love this short film. The Hermit follows a group of snowboarders and skiers on their quest to find “The Hermit,” an asylum escapee who’s known for eating cats. With more than a few references and stylistic nods to the renowned director and his iconic feature films, The Hermit is fun breath of fresh air in a sea of similar edits.

A word from the creators about the film:

In the 1950’s resident cats began disappearing in Sandpoint, Idaho. A local hermit was suspected, and his house searched. Inside, authorities found the bodies and hides of numerous local cats that had gone missing… It was reported that the man enjoyed cat stew, and as a result, was soon hauled off to the asylum and forgotten.

Until now. Rumor has it that he has escaped.

Directed by – Zeppelin Zeerip
Co-Producer + Photographer – Jasper Gibson
Starring – Joey Sacket, Jasper Gibson, Kix Kamp, Zeppelin Zeerip
Edited by – Patrick McDaniel
Social edits – Brooke Durow
Visual Effects – S.R. Brandon


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