GAMBARO – Hokkaido with Pat Moore, Arthur Longo and more

GAMBARO takes its viewers on a trip to Hokkaido, Japan with Pat Moore, Arthur Longo, Torgeir Bergrem, Takaharu Nakai and Ruiki Masuda. That’s reason enough to watch the recently released short film presented by Volcom.

Film/Edit by Seth Huot

Additional Filming by Olivier Gittler

Photography by Tsutomu Nakata

Trip Coordination by Yoshiaki “Goose” Masuda

Starring – Pat Moore, Takaharu Nakai, Arthur Longo, Ruiki Masuda, Torgeir Bergrem

Music – “Blu Wavz” by Heavy Twelves – “Theme of Yahya” by King Khan – “Should I Take You Home” by Bobby Oroza


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